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Here you will find pictures of tools used in many DIY woodworking plans. Most you will be familiar with and some you may not. Again this is not meant to be an all inclusive list, but one just for general information.









Here we have three examples of wood planes that will be used in a lot of woodworking projects plans! The center picture shows the correct use of this tool and is one item that should be on your woodworking tools list. The picture on the right also depicts a wooden mallet and wood chisel.



To the left is a set of various sized wood chisels.

On the right we have a variety of squares.


Both of these items should appear on your woodworking tools list!






This particular tool is a clamp. It too can be found in various sizes and configurations.










Claw hammers, hand saws, nails, (some bent ones there..lol…been there done that;), tape measure, spoke shave and chisel. A spoke shave is used to round rods, table legs and of course wood wheel spokes amoung other things.










Vintage wood marking gauges.













The circular saw can be corded as in this picture or cordless.


It appears that a plunge cut is being made here. This is accomplished be placing the forward end of the saw on the work, and lowering the blade into the work along a prescribed line.










The jig saw is used for irregular cuts, that is, cut that are curved not straight.

It is also used to square cut a  corner that is inside the work piece.









The router used with various bits can put a decorative edge on a work piece. It can also be used to cut channels in the work piece, or, with the proper bit write words or do intricate scrolling.














These wood drilling bits can be used with both power and hand drills.






Examples of both power and hand drills. The hand drill on the left is called a brace and bit, the center one is a corded drill and the drill on the left is cordless. The cordless drills are nice as long as you have extra charged batteries and a place to charge the ones going dead.

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