DIY Woodworking Project Plans – You can make anything out of wood

The warmth of wood is always in style. It is such a great feeling to look at a woodworking project you have completed with your own hands! When you have DIY woodworking projects plans to help you along, it streamlines the process to the finished product without forgotten steps.

What To Build

There are endless possibilities to what you can build out of wood. So where do you start? As a beginner to woodworking projects you may want to browse through various plans to give you some Ideas. Start on a few smaller, easier projects to give you experience and confidence.
Even experienced woodworkers get new ideas in this manner.
Some simple starter ideas might be: wooden candle holder, sofa sleeve drink holder, napkin holder, tree stump end table, business card holder, key chain or sunglasses holder, shoe rack, book shelf, pallet shelf; the list goes on and on, And of course my favorite, a bird house.

How To Get Started

I was lucky in that my dad was adept at woodworking. He would build mostly smaller things like bird houses and magazine racks. We also built dog houses and bookcases. So maybe you have a friend who can mentor you or do a search for “woodworking classes near me” that you can attend. Many times a local tech school will have night classes that you can go to.

If you are good at following directions from plans, and are handy with tools, you should just jump in and pick a smaller project to do. You can find woodworking plans for most any project that comes to mind.

What Tools Do I Need?

There are many opinions on just what tools are “must have”, so much of that depends on your budget. Having many expensive tools is not a requirement to getting started in woodworking. However, there are some basic ones that most everyone agrees are the bare minimum.

For beginners some sort of workbench is  almost a must, although I can remember getting by with a couple of handmade saw horses! A claw hammer, wooden mallet, screwdrivers, wood chisels, crosscut and rip handsaws and a way to sharpen tools is a good start.

Rasps, files, smoothing and or block planes, jig saw, miter saw, combination square, sanding block, clamps, hand drill and a tape measure or ruler round out hand tools. Yes, there are many others, but these are pretty much the basics in my opinion. What can really be neat is if you have acquired some antique woodworking tools. These tend to make any project more fun.
Don’t forget to look into buying used woodworking tools. These can be found online or in your local pawn shop. Many times I have found great deals at less than half the price of new here! And let us not forget yard sales. Many are listed in the local paper or on Craigslist telling what they have for sale.

Power Options

Do we have to have woodworking power tools? No, all woodwork can be done without power tools but they make a project much easier and faster. The most common power tool you are probably familiar with is the circular saw. This will definitely save you time over a hand saw and makes a more accurate cut. Along with that comes a table saw for the most accurate cuts. Both saws can be used with guides for accuracy.

Nothing is more frustrating than to try to make a piece of wood you are working with have the exact same thickness throughout by hand. A planer makes short work of this by smoothing out rough stock and keeping the entire piece the same exact thickness. A joiner will make the edges of your stock straight, smooth and square.

The router does several things. It can plane the edges of your material into many configurations depending upon the bit used. It can also produce a channel in your wood stock for joining pieces at right angles or maybe a sliding lid. There are many other joining gadgets available for joining wood together in different ways.

Of course there is the need for surfaces to be smooth and that requires some sort of sander depending on the project. One of the most popular is the random orbital sander which is most effective. It will not leave swirl marks and can be used irregardless of the direction of the wood grain. That is especially useful for sanding wood joined at right angles.

Almost everyone has a power drill nowadays. Battery operated drills have come way down in price and are so convenient to use. From pre-drilling screw holes to boring holes with hole saw bits, drills are invaluable.

Then there are the large floor mounted tools. Jet woodworking tools is a popular name and the brand carries most any machine you can think of. From wood lathes, drum sanders, band saws, joiners, drill presses and milling machines you can find any feature you require to work with wood.

From Idea to Finished Project

Now we have an idea of the tools we need, want or can afford. Its time to put in motion the beginning of a DIY project. If you are a beginner or accomplished woodworker you can benefit from woodworking plans that lead you step by step to your finished idea.

By utilizing plans you will have a material list to make your trip to the store much easier. Can’t remember the number of times I got back only to find I had forgotten something. You will also be way ahead by not having to do over a step because you forgot to do something, or worse, have to tear apart a piece to add something.

I hope you get as much fun and satisfaction from your woodworking projects as I have. To see a piece sinning in the house or outside that I did myself is very gratifying. With a little effort and determination you too can experience that moment when a friend asks “Where did you buy that”?

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