Woodworking Tools List

Everyone has their own idea of what are the necessary basic woodworking tools. This may well be driven not only by budget but personal preference. So by asking around, doing google searches and my own personal experience, I have come up with a woodworking tools list which, at best, will be controversial:

  •  saws, hand and or powered, coping, crosscut and rip, miter
  • drill, hand and or powered, battery or cord with bit set
  • ruler, folding or tape measure
  • combination square
  • gauge for marking
  • hammer, wood mallet
  • pencils and scratch awl
  • knife, utility
  • plane, block and smoothing
  • files, flat and round rasp
  • compass
  • chisels, wood in several sizes
  • screwdrivers, flat, phillips and torx\
  • sharpening stone
  • work bench with clamp, several other clamps of various sizes
  • router and various bits
  • sander, random orbital preferred, with various grit sizes
  • fasteners, various and related accessories; nail set, counter sink etc.
  • Safety Equipment, safety glasses, gloves, dust mask ear protectors (hearing)

Of course there are many other tools, especially specialty tools for doing a particular job. the above should get you through most popular woodworking plans you may want to build. I’m sure I’ve left out someone’s favorite tool, but again it is mostly a matter of personal preference, budget and what you intend to build!!!

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