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I have traveled many paths to get here. Laborer, cement plant operator and ready mix driver, over the road truck driver and owner operator. From there I joined the fire service for twenty years, attained a collage degree attending night school, became a Fire Instructor and Fire Inspector and taught Fire Company Commander and Tactics at the local college. Went on to become a Fire Chief and a Level A Haz Mat Instructor.
During my time as a Firefighter I also owned and operated a dump truck, bulldozer and backhoe doing site work. Moved on to Installing satellite dishes which in those days were ten and twelve feet across. Erected antenna towers some of which were 120 feet high. What a view over the Florida Everglades from a perch on top of one of those! Also, owned a commercial fishing boat with 800 yards of net fishing for mullet for several years.

In later years owned a horse ranch where we held events and auctions. The ranch also produced hay which I baled myself and delivered to horse farms in a 150-mile radius. Took a job as safety manager for a new plant where I wrote their safety manual and was instrumental in their attaining ISO quality, safety and health certifications.

At this point in my journey I am self-employed in a job which is psychically demanding; I’m getting too old for that type of work! I have a lovely wife and a 2 1/2 yo grandson we are in the process of adopting. So I’ve turned my attention to the internet to try to earn a living to provide for my family while giving me more quality time to spend with them.

How does all this relate to my particular website? Throughout my life I have been a DIY person. I can rebuild a carburetor, build a bookshelf, fix a computer, wire a house for electric, do the plumbing, install the HVAC, and, oh yes, build the house itself from concrete foundation to installing the roof. I love to work with my hands. Woodworking has always been one of my favorites, hence the subject of this website.



There are many, many people out there like me or who want to do things themselves. I love sharing ideas and passing on to others things I have found that are interesting and gratifying. What easier way to complete projects than with plans tried and true? Yes, I have laid out things from scratch and completed many projects that way. But invariably have run across uh oh a time or two because I overlooked something 🙂

How many times have you begun a project only to find the need to run out and get something you forgot; several times! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a material list and step by step plans for the next home or garden project?
This site is all about helping you find the plans for your next project. Not only that but provide you with ideas to solve that which you were wondering what to do with! Something to fill that empty space, a way to utilize that blank wall. Maybe a shed in the back yard for all the gardening tools. That, and much more can all be found here.

Happy Woodworking!!!
Anything we can do for you, or any questions you may have, feel free to comment.



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